If you want to be an italo-Head, please send me the following informations and as soon as possible I will include your photo
and your personal dates here on this site.
I hope, that you like it and please don´t hesitate to send me your informations. The
italo-Heads are seperate to each country in alphabetical order. If you want to contact an italo-Head, please click on the photo.

Austria (4)
Belgium (1)

Brazil (8)
Croatia (2)

Estonia (1)
Canada (1)

Denmark (4)
Finland (2)
France (1)
Germany (22)
Greece (4)

Holland (4)
Hungary (1)
Israel (3)

Italy (1)
Poland (3)
Romania (2)

Singapore (1)
Slovenia (1)
Spain (3)
Sweden (6)
Switzerland (2)
Turkey (1)
United Kingdom (3)
USA (6)

Informations I need from you by mail:
first name*:
last name*:
nick name:
year of birth*:
e-mail adress*:
first bought italo record:
top 5 italo records:
please include a photo from you*
* = absolute necessary, without you will not include!!

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