I´ll try to complete the labellists, with your help. Please mail me, if you know one of the missing songs.
Many thanks to all, who helped me with names, songs and catalogue numbers, to extend this lists!!

Arrow Records Germany
Bellaphon Records Germany
Beat Box Sweden
Clockwork Germany
Constante Germany
DA Records Germany
Eichhorn Germany
Fantasy Records Switzerland
Fellow Music Germany
Fresh Records Switherland
Hotsound Netherland
Idee Records Germany
Infinity Belgium
Jupiter Germany
KBC Germany
Made Up Records Netherland
Night´n Day Records German
Repertoire Germany
Titan Germany
Transparent Germany
United Music Germany
ZYX Records Germany / ZYX 5001 - 5299 / ZYX 5300 - 5499 / ZYX 5500 - 5699 / ZYX 5700 - 5899 / ZYX 5900 -

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