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Bank Of America - Shall I go
Rare Records RARE 01286 (1986)
Words & Music: Corradini/Todesco/
Ballarin/Filippi/Mc Foy
Produced: R.Todesco
Barbie - Barabba
Moonray Records MR 711 (1987)
Words & Music: A.Martinelli/S.Zanini
Produced, Arranged & Mixed: A.Martinelli/F.Gatto
K-Barré - Right by the moon
Many Records MN 511 (1984)
Side A: Vocal 6:00
Side B: Club Version 5:58

W & M: Dolce/Toti
Produced: Scalera/Dolce
Arranged: Orioli/Dolce
Diana Barton - Tango
Merak Music MKX 610 (1986)
Words & Music: S.Zanini/M.Tansini
Arranged: M.Tansini
Bazooka - Alive
Hiss Records AMD 006 (1984)
Words & Music: M.Catalano
Arranged & Produced: J.McKatz/M.Catalano
Roby Benvenuto - Gringo
Disco Magic MIX 307 (1987)
Words & Music: M.Manzi/D.Bellini/Falcus/Vangok Produced: R.Benvenuto
Biba - Top Model
Out Records OUT 3065 (1986)
Words & Music: Capelli/Bertaina / Di Nino/Baldoni/Rossellini/Rosso
Arranged: Baldoni/Rossellini
Produced: E.Capelli
Mixed: P.Bocchi
Big Ben Tribe - Tarzan loves the summer nights
Gong Records GONG 005 (1984)
Words & Music: Persi/Previsti
Arranged: Persi/Previsti/Posani
Produced: Big Ben Tribe
Mixed: M.Noe
Black Book - You must change (Mistery woman)
American Records AMR 006 (1985)
Music & Words: DePeppo/Lupo
Arranged: DePeppo/Lupo/A.Lugli
Jessica Blue - The dark of light
SCO Records SCO 12001 (1985)
Words & Music: G.Canepa/S.Cusato/G.Maccioni
Produced: S.Cusato
Mixed: Gio
Blu-I Boy - Night of ecstasy
Out Records OUT 3092 (1986)
Words & Music: Santoro/Paire
Produced: M.Santoro
Mixed: M.Cimino
Blue Russel - I wanna fly away
Disco Magic MIX 163 (1984)
Words & Music: M.Cangelli / L.Ghilardi
Arranged, Produced & Mixed: M.Cangelli
Body Power - Nothing
Out Records OUT 3094 (1986)
Words & Music: R.Laiolo/G.Isgro/R.Fontolan/F.Rizzolo
Arranged: R.Laiolo/B.Isgro/R.Fontolan
Produced: F.Renzi
Mixed: Albert One
Bolero - I wish
Dingo Records DR 03 (1984)
Words & Music: Barbero/Renno/Boccia
Arranged & Produced: A.Barbero
B.B.Bonsai - Prince of the night
Holy Records HR 26508 (1985)
Words & Music: M.Scaglioni/A.Boceda
Arranged: M.Scaglioni/A.Boceda
Produced: M.Scaglioni/A.Boceda/E.Monti
Brand Image - Are you loving?
Il discotto ART 1020 (1983)
Words & Music: M.Scarabelli
Arranged & Produced: M.Scarabelli/T.Scarfone
Brand Image - Love in a summernight
Time Records TRD 1012 (1985)
Side A: Vocal 5:10
Side B: Sleeve says Instrumental 5:10, label says Radio Version 4:05

W & M: M.Scarabelli / S.Brignoli
Produced: M.Farina / G.Crivellente
Executive Producer: G.Maiolini
Mixed: S.Oliva
Brando - Rainy day
Memory MEMIX 012 (1983)
Words & Music: L.Pignagnoli/I.Spagna
Arranged: L.Pignagnoli
Produced: A.Zanni/S.Cundari
Mixed: S.Cundari/I.Abacab
Robert Bravo - Keep on driving
Uni Press LU 5701 (1986)
Words & Music: U.Lupo/R.Jones
Arranged: A.Maiocchi/U.Lupo
Produced: U.Lupo
Mixed: I.Facchin
Ben Bruce - Eye to eye
Dischi SRLM 2048 (1985)
Words & Music: S.Zanini/A.Martinelli
Produced: R.Ferri

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