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If you want to see the backsite from the record, please run with your mouse over the picture and wait a while.

Faber DJ - For your love
Sensation Records SNS 8031 (1985)
Side A: 5:25
Side B: 5:25

W & M: Hanno
Produced: Fabrizio Magrini
Arranged: Hanno Rinne
Mixed: S. Head
Fantasy Life - Over and over
Thick Records TK 012 (1985)
Side A: 5:48
Side B: Dub 4:21

W & M: Bergamin / Avico / Camoletto
Arranged & Produced: Barbon
Mixed: Guerrieri
The Fashion - Future girl
Disco Magic Mix 166 (1984)
Side A: Vocal
Side B: Instrumental

W & M: Cremonesi/Sarni/Flavet
Produced & Arranged: Sarni/Cremonesi/Carpani
Mixed: Albert ´One´ Carpani
Fly Out - Taky your time
Out - OUT 3035 (1985)
Side A: Vocal Version 6:00
Side B: Instrumental 4:22

Words & Music: F.Caselli/A.Casini/S.Baldini
Arranged: F.Caselli/A.Casini
Produced: R.Pupeschi/M.Marapodi
Mixed: Maurizio Dami

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