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George Aaron - She is a devil
Fly Records - TPF 004 (1984)
Words & Music: R.Todesco/M.Percali/Aldighieri
Produced: R.Todesco/M.Percali
Mark Adams - I know your mind
FDT Records - FDT 020 (1986)
Words & Music: A.Riondino
Aranged: R.Merella
Produced: F.Renzi/A.Riondino
AGO - Computer
Power Records PDR 005
Words & Music: AGO/M.Farina/G.Crivellente
Arranged: M.Natale
Produced: M.Farina/G.Crivellente
Mixed: L.Gelmetti
Aki - Tokio s
Time Records TRD 1020 (1986)
Words & Music: M.Manzi/M.Farina
Arranged & Produced: A.Torresani/M.Farina/G.Crivellente
Mixed: S.Oliva/L.Gelmetti
Aki - Magic love
Digital Records - DR 8609 (1987)
Words & Musci: M.Manzi/D.Bellini/G.Bergonzi
Arranged: Aleph
Produced: A.Cundari/G.Bergonzi/G.C.Pellinghelli
Alba - Only Music survives
Merak Music MKX 010 (1984)
Words: O.Sacchetto
Music: L.Nicolosi /D.Carofiglio
Arranged: L.+P.Nicolosi /R.Gasparini
Produced: R.Gasparini /L.Nicolosi
Mixed: R.Gasparini /L.Nicolosi.
Alesis - Steppin up
Words & Music: M.Farina/G.Crivellente/S.Oliva
Arranged: C.Cattafesta
Produced: M.Farina/G.Crivellente
Alex Chroma Band - A new day
Out Records OUT 3074 (1986)
Words & Music: F.Maraviglia/A.Barbero
Arranged: A.Barbero/M.Rogers
Produced: M.Zani
Alyne - Over the sky
FDT Records - FDT 015 (1985)
Side A: Dance Mix 5:53
Side B: Concert Hall Mix 5:01

Words & Music: M.Cimino/G.Monetto/A.Zitelli
Arranged: G.Monetto
Produced: M.Cimino
Mixed: M.Chiesura
Ameli - New romantic
Disco Magic Mix 167 (1984)
Words & Music: P.Ameli
Arranged: M.Fasolino
Produced: F.van Stegeren/P.Ameli
Mixed: F.van Stegeren/P.Ameli
Angie - Clouds
Tanga Label TL 009 (1985)
Words & Music: G.Rizzi / B.Addoms / G.Nicolosi
Arranged: L.+P. Nicolosi
Produced: L. Nicolosi
Anthony - Africa
Disco Magic MIX 296 (1986)
Words & Music: M.Percali/A.Biolcati
Produced: Carla/M.Percali
Apple In Jacket - New world
Memory MEMIX 054 (1987)
Words & Music: R.Lajolo/G.Isgro/F.Rizzolo
Arranged & Produced: S.Cundari/R.Lajolo/G.Isgro
Mixed: S.Cundari
Arm - Number one
Ra.Re Productions RA.RE 00286 (1986)
Words & Music: R.Todesco/M.Percali/J.McFoy
Arranged & Produced: R.Todesco
Mixed: R.Todesco
Art Deco - Because the movie is on
Art Retro Ideas ARI 1201 (1985)
Words & Music: Guillarme/D.Mora
Produced: M.Filippi
Art Fine - Dark Silence
Sensation Records SNS 8024 (1985)
Words & Music: M.Fontana/F.Bellini
Produced: M.Fontana/Art Fine
Art Of Love - Looking through the night
Squish Records BTV 10002 (1984)
Words & Music: V.+A.DeScalzi/C.Guidetti
Arranged: DeScalzi/G.Bacco/F.Vidulich
Produced: G.Bacco/F.Vidulich
Mixed: DeScalzi
Atrium - Doctor Jekyll
Power Records PDR 004 (1986)
Words & Music: M.Farina/G.Crivellente
Arranged & Produced: M.Farina/G.Crivellente
Mixed: S.Oliva

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