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C.A. And The Box - Out of the box
Time Records - TRD 1016 (1985)
Side A: Normal version
Side B: Rock Dub Version

W & M: ACaglioni
Produced: Time Records
Remixed: Steve Holley
Camaros - Companero
Out Records - OUT 3051 (1985)
Side A: Vocal
Side B: Instrumental

W & M: S.Gori/Layter
Produced: Novaga/Layter
Arranged: Marcello Scichilone
Mixed: Mark Sabiu
Camomilla - Queen of the night
Magnum Records - MQ 23001 (1985)
Side A: Qieen of the night/Indian reservation
Side B: Tonight/Come on everybody

W & M: F.Renelli//L.Piergiovanni
Arranged & Produced: L.Piergiovanni
Mixed: Pablo

Mike Cannon - Voices in the dark
Memory Records - Memix 007 (1983)
Side A: Vocal
Side B: Instrumental

W & M: L.Mori/G.Spagna/I.Spagna
Produced: Marco Mori
Arranged: Theo Spagna
Mixed: S.Cundari

Canton - Sleepwalking
Ariston Records - ARX 16032 (1984)
Side A: English Version
Side B: Instrumental

W & M: E.Ruggeri/L.Schiavone
Arranged: C.Valli
Produced: S.Crippa
Remixed: R.Costa
Captain Hook - Cannibal isle
Accademy Records ACD 8510 (1986)
Side A: Extended Version
Side B 1: African Beat for DJ
Side B 2: Edit version

W & M: M.Farina/G.Crivellente
Arranged: Radiorama
Produced: P.Gemma/M.Bresciani
Mixed: S.Oliva
Caravan - You and me tonight
Babalu Records - BBL 1003 (1983)
Side A: Disco version
Side B: Instrumental

W & M: G.Monetto/F.Bernardi/M.Farina/I.Saitta
Produced: Enrico Baletti
Arranged: Francesco Bernadi
Mixed: Mario Bernardi
Angie Care - Your mind
Merak Music - MKX 800
Side A: Vocal version
Side B: Instrumental

W & M: B.Addoms/R.Nicolosi/G.Rizzi
Produced: R.Gasparini/L.Nicolosi
Arranged: P.Nicolosi
Joe Carrasco & M.M. - Action
Out Records OUT 3079
Side A: 5:32
Side B: 6:00

W & M: D.Ricchini
Produced: J.Yellow/T.Carrasco
Mixed: Eugenio Tovini
Casablanca - Wonderful train
Crash Records - DS 011
Side A: Subway Mix
Side B: A rub dub

W & M: E.Iannuccelli
Produced & Mixed: Gianni Ruberti
Casanova - Tutti quanti
Disques Chris Music (742622)

Side A: 6:19
Side B: Instrumental 6:19
Casanova - Tutti quanti
Cat Gang - Locomotive breath
Il discotto ART 1025 (1983)
Side A: Special Cat Version
Side B: Special Rock Version

W & M: I.Anderson
Produced, Arranged & Mixed: A.Martinelli/F.Gatto
Cat Gang
Moris Cavalero - Trust in me now
Best Records SPQR 1126 (1985)
Words & Music: Carlo Giannini
Arranged: P.C.M.
Produced: Claudio Mingardi
Moris Cavalero
Costas Charitodiplomenos - Lost in the night
Many MN 532
Side A: Vocal
Side B: Instrumental

W & M: C.Charitodiplomenos/V.Mare
Arranged: Costas Charitodiplomenos
Remix: M.Flores/R.Bais
Check Up Twins - Sexy Teacher
Out Records OUT 3040 (1985)
Words & Music: G.Bergonzi/Kalimba
Arranged & Mixed: A.Cundari/G.Pellinghelli/G.Bergonzi
Produced: A.Cundari
Check Up Twins - Working in a factory
Digital Records DR 8607 (1987)
Side A: Vocal 6:15
Side B: 6:15

W & M: F.Rizzolo/L.Frassetto/A.Passarino/G.Bergonzi
Produced: A.Cundari/G.Bergonzi/C.Pellinghelli
Arranged: F.Rizzolo/L.Frassetto/A.Passarino
Mixed: A.Cundari/F.Rizzolo
Cherry - Take a moment
Drogueria Di Drugolo DDD 28555
Side A: Vocal 4:35
Side B: Love destination 4:20

W & M: I.Suardi/U.Passera
Produced: R. Milella/A.Denti
Mixed: M.Bassi

Christal - Fire lady
CGD CGD 15277 (1987)
Side A: Mix Version 6:40
Side B: Instrumental 6:40

W & M: M.DeMartino/S.Rava
Produced: P.Leon/M.DeMartino
Arranged: M.DeMartino/S.Rava
Riccardo Cioni - Arizona
Disco Magic MIX 255 (1985)
Words & Music: Simoncioni/Head/Hanno
Arranged: H.Rinne
Produced: B.Dini
Mixed: S.Head
Cleo - Go go dynamo
Many Records MN 571 (1986)
Side A: Vocal 6:16
Side B: Dub Mix 5:35

W & M: C.Barluzzi/N.Hackett
Arranged: R.Rossi/G.Pegoraro
Produced: G.Pegoraro/C.Barluzzi
Clio - Faces
Crash Records DS 029 (1985)
Side A: Vocal 5:38
Side B: Feel the fear 3:37

W & M: R.Ferrante/Clio
Arranged: R.Ferrante
Produced: R.Ferrante
Mixed: R.Ferrante
Clock On 5 - Secret life
Disco Magic MIX 287 (1985)
Words & Music: Lombardi/Carpani/Mazzotti/Massaro
Produced: Albert One
Clock On 5 - Mayerling
Disco Magic LP 203 (1984)
Words & Music: R.Fiume/P.Tassi
Arranged: R.Fiume/A.Carpani
Produced: A.Carpani/B.Q.P.
Mixed: A.Oliva/P.Tassi

Patrick Colby - Mandrill
Plexi Glass PX 001 (1985)
Side A: Vocal 6:02
Side B: Instrumental 6:02

W& M: G.Caria/S.Oliva/G.Cinelli
Arranged & Mixed: A.Cundari/C.Cattafesta
Produced: A.Cundari

Colors - Lonely night
Disco Magic MIX 272 (1985)
Side A: Vocal 5:40
Side B: Technicolor Version 5:00

W & M: A.Riondino/M.Cimino
Arranged: A.Riondino/M.Cimino
Common Sense - In front of you
Out Records OUT 3045 (1985)
Side A: 5:25
Side B: Babylon 5:35

W & M: F.Simoncioni/S.Head
Arranged: F.Simoncioni/S.Head
Produced: E.Citi/A.Vitarelli
Raf Coney - Shes mine
Hiss Records HIS 010
Side A: Vocal 6:50
Side B: Instrumental 6:40

W & M: R.Fiume/P.Tassi
Arranged: R.Fiume/P.Tassi
Produced: Claudio Baruffaldi
Mixed: C.Baruffaldi/E.Conti
Ray Cooper - Breakdown
Many Records MN 528 (1984)
Side A: Vocal
Side B: Instrumental

W & M: D.Gatti/R.Bais
Arranged: R.Bais/L.Orioli
Produced: S.Secchi/M.Pavesi
Mixed: S.Secchi/L.Orioli
Cosa Roas - Toledo girl
Many Records MN 563 (1986)
Side A: Vocal 7:00
Side B: Instrumental 5:48

W & M: Gilioli/Faccini
Arranged: Jerry Productions/Primiera
Produced: Jerry Productions/Primiera
Country And Town - Yo yo
Sensation Records SNS 8037
Side A: Vocal 5:20
Side B: Instrumental 5:00

W & M: A.Belli/P.Lanfranchi/F.Segalini
Arranged: A.Belli/P.Lanfranchi
Mixed: P.Angelo/Rilly
Creatures - Japan
CGD - CGD 15242 (1986)
Side A: 1. Japan (Long Version) 7:07
2. Space fly 7.09
Side B: 1. Sun dance 5:35
2. Japan (Piano Version) 5:52
3. Japan (Short Version) 4.26

W, M, Mixed & Produced: Sangy
Creatures - Belive in yourself
Full Time FTM 31530 (1983)
Words & Music: M.Flores/Sangy
Arranged: M.Flores/Sangy
Creatures - Solar eclipse
ZigZag - ZCZZ 7411 (1985)

Side A: 6:08
Side B: Just in the name of love 5:10

W & M: Sangy
Cruisin´ Gang - Chinatown
Cruisin´Records - CRN 713 (1984)
Side A: 6:10
Side B: Making love - Marking time 3:50

W & M: Melotti/Trevisani/Tricomi/Vallicelli
Arranged: Trevisani/Vallicelli

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