Party Report from 23.03.2001 / Party Report from 10.07.2004
Report of the italo party at 18.05.2001 in Den Haag at the discoteque "O"
After my work, I drove with my car to Nico. Together with him and his friend, we drove directly to the Discotheque "O" in Den Haag. On the way to the discotheque we made rest at 20.15 h at a restplace, to have dinner. What a pity, the service said, that they are only opened till 20.00 h. We decided to drive straight ahead to the discotheque and on the way to the location we found only a "McDonalds". We arrived the discotheque at 21.15 h and only a few cars parked at the front. We saw a car with a polish registration number. We went to the car and found some italo lovers from Poland. We talked till the discotheque opened at 22.00 h. In front of the discotheque I found also Sandra and we had a nice small talk. We entered all together the location. On the left "Melody Maker" had built a little shop with CDīs.
Savino was again the DJ and he played a lot of good old big italo hits. Many thanks for that. Great job as usual. I met a lot of people and we had have fun the whole evening. My voice got a very rough touch. It was great to met you all!! Very special greetings to POL, because he had a little gift for me.
At 01.00 h. the show began with "Scotch (Vince Lancini)" and he sung "Disco band" and "Penguinīs Invasion". He was very aggressiv and knows the lyrics very well. At the instrumental parts he built a bridge with his typical "dum tschi, dum dum tschi (Disco band)", "slightly cought (Disco band)" and the "lalala (Delirio mind)". The crowd went crazy from the very first beginning of the performance.
The next artist was "P. Lion" and he performed "Dream" (in my opinion not a good party song) and "Happy children" (a very good party song). He made also a very good job and obviously he was overwhelmed about the atmosphere.
"Eddy Huntington" was the next one, and he was the local matador. He performed a medley wich started with "USSR". What can I say more, he was great like the last one. Included in the medley he performed "Mad desire" and "Born to be alive" as cover versions. What a pity, that I got no one of the freeeeeee CDīs he throwed in the crowd.
No time to be dissatisfied, because the next one was "Albert One". He sung "For your love" (One of my favourites) and "Heart on fire". He is a real professionell. His voice is perfect. After the two songs, Marcello entered the stage and delivered an adress in dutch. Albert One stood beside him and waited. After the little speech from Marcello, Albert One performed "Sing a song".
After a little break (20 Minutes), "Fred Ventura" entered the stage and he sung "Wind of change" and "The years". He is one of my favourite singer and he made a really good job. The crowd was hot 100 % as he was ready.
The next was "Marcello Catalano" and he is the voice from "Thomas". He performed "Take me up" (hmm, not my favourite record) and "Another game" (uhh, this one is great).
The last performer was the beautiful "Clara Moroni". She is "the" voice from Time Records. She sung "Open up your heart (Vanessa)" and one new song I donīt know. I like this HiNRG tracks also. She made a very good job.
Marcello entered again the stage and he sung together with Clara Moroni and Fred Ventura a song I donīt know (If I remind right, he introduced it with "Marc B."). Marcello, you have a really good voice!! After this performance, all stars steped on the stage and on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of I-Venti they had some gifts for Marcello. He was very surprised about and I think he had some tears in his eyes.
As addition, "Scotch" performed "Mirage" and "Eddy Huntington" sung together with 50 % of the crowd "USSR". Only, that you understand it right, the 50 % of the party guests entered also the stage and built a big choir. What an unforgetable event. The last one was "Albert One" and he performed "Ssssssssecrets".
All stars went backstage, and later I got access to the VIP Lounge. I had a little small talk with "Eddy Huntington" and "Fred Ventura". I got from the barkeeper a beercover (Heinecken) in big size (It looks like a 12"). All stars autographed it with some kind words. The only one I missed was Marcello himself ;-). At 04.45 h we must leave the VIP Lounge and they cleaned already the discotheque. We leaved also the Discotheque and the time was near for driving home.
On the lef site, you can see a scan of the autographed beercover.
At 9.45 h on Saturday I arrived my home very tired but very satisfied.
Special thanks to:
1. Marcello (and the whole I-venti Team) - What can I say? Without you, I never had have so great events.
2. Savino DJ - For the music, and that you introduced me to Thomas Spiegel.
3. Nico - Driver, cameraman and a good mate.
4. Nordenham Gang (Andreas, Yvonne, Björn and Jennifer) - 100 % Party people
5. Barcelona Gang (POL, Marc, Jose, Massimo, Nacho) - Thanks for the gift and the nice small talk.
6. UK Gang (Mark, Stuart, Andy, Craig) - Always nice to see you.
7. Poland Gang (Adam ... donīt know any names) - Nice to met you.
8. Peter Tessmann and Thomas Spiegel. - I hope you enjoyed the party
9. Kimmo Salo - Donīt forget to give greetings to Tuula
10. Hannover Gang (Jörg and Thomas)
11. Sandra B. - Thanks for the kisses
12. Ingo - Next time we talk more.
13. Sorry, if I forgotten someone.

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