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Report of the italo weekend with party at 23.03.2001 in Den Haag at the discoteque "O"

Above the ticket for the discotheque

Party Report Friday 23.03.2001:
After a half day of work on Friday, I drove with my car to Markus Breidbach. We wanted to go together to the party. At 17.00 h we arrived in Den Haag and first visited "Melody Maker" to catch up our tickets for the party. What a pleasure, we meet Andreas Fehlauer (Nordenham Gang) with his friends in the shop. After the extended welcome we picked up our tickets and searched a restaurant to eat something all together. We found an Italian restaurant, but it is not worth to leave one word about the quality of the food. More or less satisfied, we decided to get over to the discotheque.

We arrived at 21.00 h the discotheque. The park keeper gave us a big laugh, as we ask him for the opening of the discotheque. He said, that they have the day of rest. We showed him the tickets and he stopped to laugh as well as being astonished and, this time, we laughed at him. He also told us, that the opening time would have been surely 23.00 h as we could read on the ticket. We went to the entrance of the discotheque and no one was there. We went back to the park keeper and asked him, where we could go for a drink. Near the discotheque there was a bowling center and we sat down there for around 1,5 hours. We talked and laughed the whole time and had a lot of fun. At 22.45 h we went back to the entrance of the discotheque and only a hand full of people lurking around and wait. Exactly at 23.00 h the discotheque opened and we entered the rooms curiously.
The good old Italo Disco music was pumping already. Many thanks to Savino DJ. You made a great job. The first we met was Jörg Gassmann and Thomas Ernst. After a small talk they introduced us to Kimmo and Tuula Salo. I was so curious to meet Kimmo, because we were writing letters for some years now (I think it might be 5 years). We only spoke some words, because it was very loud. We decided to speak on Sunday, because Kimmo and Tuula intended to visit Oliver Opree and together we wanted to make a little sightseeing tour in my hometown Köln. But this is another story I will tell you later ....
The next person I met was Sandra from Delft. We never met each other before and so it was difficult to find each other. The only thing I knew, which clothes she would have worn, and finally I found her. I don´t know how long we talked, but it was a big pleasure for me to meet an Italo Disco GIRL. Thanks for the drink. I hope to see you on the next party to pay it back J From the place where I talked to Sandra I discovered Oliver Paul and I decided to go to him. As I reached the place, he was not there, but I found him some seconds later.
It went in rapid succession: I met Ingo Jahn and during we talked Kimmo Salo appeared with the "Barcelona Crew" (Marc Taberner, Jose A. Bautista, Nacho Pascual). I was so overwhelmed to have met you all and I will never forget the dancing show of Marc. What a funny and nice person you are.
At 2.00 h the show began with "Eddy Huntington". He knew all the lyrics very well. His perfomance was proffesional. I only really like 2 songs from him, but his performance was cool. During an instrumental part of one song, he grab out a paper with some people´s names from the Chatboard. He read them all and asked whether the people would be among the audience. I was surprised, that he named me as well (I hope, that I didn´t had a red head).
The next artist was "George Aaron". Puh what a big sound they create in 1984 - 1985. The songs are damn cool in this high volume. George was really "agressive" on the stage and run from right to left. He made a really great job. I never realized before, that he also had sung "Robin Hood - William King". I had goosepimples all over the body, when the song started.
At last "Den Harrow" gave us his songs. What a pity, that he performanced them using re-arranged versions and nonstop-megamixed. They are not bad, but I love them more in the old way. His performance was exaggerated sexy. I didn´t liked it much, but some girls were impressed. As bonus performance Eddy Huntington sung "USSR" and George Aaron "Don´t stop".
After the live performances Savino DJ again played some good old sounds. At 4.00 h, Markus and I decided to go back home. 3 hours later I arrived at home and was really tired but satisfied.

Sunday 25.03.2001:
As I told already, Kimmo and Tuula visited Oliver Opree and we wanted to do a little sightseening tour in Köln (Cologne). At this day, it rained cats and dogs, so we decided to stay at home and spent some hours together. My wife and I drove to Oliver and we were surprised to see, that also Jörg Gassmann and Thomas Ernst where there. We spend some nice hours together and at 16.00 h Kimmo and Tuula had to go back to München (Munich). I hope, that we can repeat this meeting in May. Then we can show you Köln. My wife and I stayed at Oliver's and Antje's till 22.00 h. We had a great Pizza and a very good talk.
My special thanks to the following peoples who are all included in this report:
NORDENHAM GANG --> Never laught so much. You are great!!!
Sandra B. --> Nice that we met each other. What a pity, that you are gone and I didn´t had the chance to say "bye bye"
Oliver Paul --> Nice to see you on the party. Good luck and best wishes to Thomas. Kisses to your wife and your daughter.
Ingo Jahn --> It is always a pleasure to meet and talk to you.
Marc Taberner, Jose Bautista, Nacho Pascual --> What a night. Marc is SOOO HOT. He danced, danced, danced ....
Kimmo and Tuula --> After 5 years of writing it was a big pleasure for me to know you face to face.
Markus Breidbach --> What can I say? He escortet and still does my italo life since 11 years now. And it is always fresh to talk with him. He is a very good driver. See you and your girlfriend at the Kylie concert.
Oliver Opree and Antje -->I am happy to have you close to me. It is always great to talk and share some good music.
I Venti --> Thanks for all the parties I visited during the last 4 years.

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